Reflexology is the technique based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that represent every organ, gland and part of the body.

Stimulating these reflexes helps the body heal itself and achieve natural balance.

Treatment is non-invasive, relaxing and encourages the release of endorphins whilst treating the whole body, not just the symptoms.

It is estimated that 75% of illness is caused by stress.

Reflexology is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Relaxing
  • Stress-relieving

Reflexologists do not:

  • Prescribe
  • Diagnose
  • Treat specific conditions

What does a Reflexology treatment involve?

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy – only finger and thumb pressure is used to stimulate the reflexes and promote natural balance.

At the initial consultation you will be asked to complete a basic medical questionnaire which we will then discuss further. It is often difficult to remember everything and quite often old injuries/problems will also show when the reflexes are worked – even if there was an issue 20 years ago it can show up on the feet.

You will be asked to remove footwear and socks/tights and I ensure you are comfortable before starting treatment.

If there is any congestion at the reflex points on the feet you may experience a little discomfort / tenderness and we discuss this at the time. Any possible reactions (temporary) will also be discussed so you are aware of how you may feel for a little while after the treatment.

I will be surprised if you do not find the treatment relaxing.

After treatment I will give you some water to drink and we can discuss any further treatments as appropriate.

It is estimated that 75% of illness is caused by stress.

How many Reflexology treatments will I need?

A very good question and not a straightforward one to answer! Everyone is unique and therefore each treatment is unique. Some people respond very quickly and others may take longer, often if conditions are more deep rooted. However, even if the response appears slower the body will still be responding to the treatment and healing itself.

It also depends on why you come for treatment:

  • If it is purely for relaxation, stress relief, and some ‘me time’ then you will benefit from an initial treatment alone. You may wish further treatments as and when.
  • If it is to try and help something in particular, usually when you’ve tried everything else, then I would suggest allowing yourself a course of six treatments before you decide it’s not working.

The majority of times you will see quite a difference within three treatments, but occasionally, and if issues are deep rooted, it may be a little longer to ease the condition/reason you came for treatment initially.

Having said that, what we usually find is that other issues sort themselves out first – the body will decide how it heals itself, not you or me! During a course of treatment we will gradually allow more time between treatments to give the body the appropriate time to heal and adjust.

If you would like to discuss treatment or have any further questions then please contact me.

How much is a reflexology session?

I have kept my prices as low as I am able to, to try and make the treatments affordable for as many as possible to experience the benefits of both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. I do believe that you will find my charges competitive in the Plymouth area.


First treatment: £45

Subsequent treatments: £40

About PlymReflexology

PlymReflexology came about as a result of Nicky enjoying a treatment herself back in 1993/94, being amazed at the treatment, how she felt and her body’s response. She was inspired to learn more and help others.

With the skin being the body’s largest organ it’s also important to look after ourselves from the outside as well which is why Nicky’s passion for Tropic fits so well into her practice.


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